Founder and Lead Software Engineer

Charles Crawford, Founder and Software Engineer


Hello. I am a full-stack software engineer striving to make a difference in today’s business world by providing innovative and efficient software solutions.

I am also a Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer and can provide solutions for just about any mobile computing platform. Solutions typically range from Xamarin.Forms multi-platform apps to platform-specific apps for Android, iOS and UWP devices.

I specialize in data-driven application development for the Web, Desktop and Mobile Devices. Inquire today about your next software development application project to see how I can help you reduce development costs by creating multi-platform applications that run on iOS, Android and UWP or cloud applications hosted with Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or AWS.

I sometimes share some code for Open Source projects on Github.

A Note or Two about Origins, C# and .NET

First there was BASIC, or Beginners, All-purpose, Symbolic Instruction Code. I cut my teeth on screens just like this in the early days of micro computing.

From there, I moved on to other things, and other platforms, but the basics are still the same. Programming software is essentially the art of translating human designs into code that compilers can understand and make computers perform some action. At the very least, programs are designed to shift electrons around in a way that makes sense to someone or something.

Fast forward several years; decades even. Now we have .NET and C#. Two great additions to the many development languages in common use, or rather one great addition and one side benefit. Before .NET, we were forced into a versioning nightmare for basic functionality. .NET solved that, mostly, and gave us C#, along with VB.NET, a sort of cousin to its predecessor, Visual Basic.

C# provides a familiar syntax, and is part of the multi-lingual community of .NET.