Project Delivery

Project Delivery Methods

Software development project work is delivered in increments known as Sprints.  Sprints can vary in duration from two (2) to four (4) weeks, depending on feature set or changes included in the sprint’s release cycle.

Software is released at the end of each sprint. How it is released is determined by the hosting device or server, cloud platform or service provider as well as many other items required by specific cloud services provider or hosting provider.

Web Applications

Our web applications are deployed in incremental stages known as Sprints. Each sprint can last in duration from two (2) to four (4) weeks, depending on the features or changes included in a given sprint’s release cycle.

Web applications can be deployed directly to the cloud using Google Cloud, Azure or AWS. We can also provide a download URL to a software package file for delivery. We even offer on site delivery and installation services when requested or required.

Each sprint is concluded after all changes for that sprint has been deployed and validated.

At the conclusion of the project, or any time before as well, we can discuss various maintenance options to support your application.

Mobile and Desktop Applications

Mobile application distribution methods depend upon the device type involved as well as the device platform (Android, iOS, UWP).

Developer’s Notebook

With each release, we include Release Notes as well as a Developer’s Notebook (here’s an example) .

Project Source Code

We maintain the project source code in either a GitHub or Bitbucket private repository. As part of the delivery process, when your project calls for transfer of source code we can transfer ownership of the source code repository. We can also discuss options for continuing maintenance of the project source code on an ongoing basis.