EasyBudget Updated User Interface

User Interface Updates

The EasyBudget project has been moving along at a pretty fast clip since I started developing it in mid- to late-January. There have been quite a few changes take place and I’m pretty satisfied with where the development is right now. This post contains the latest screenshots from today’s build.

For those new to the EasyBudget project, it is an Open Source project being developed using Xamarin Forms for cross-platform compatibility between iOS and Android devices, sharing a common set of code for both the UI and the core application.

I am using multiple Nuget packages with this project, and you will find a link to the source code at the bottom of this post.

For the charts, I’m using Microcharts.

If you see something you like, or simply wish to say hello, leave your comments below.

Screenshots – Android Emulator

Here are the freshest screenshots from today’s build:

EasyBudget Main Page


Budget Categories


Budget Category View


Budget Category Items


Budget Category Item Entry Form


Bank Accounts Summary


Bank Account View


Deposit Entry Form


Checking Withdrawal Entry Form


Bank Account Register

Project Source Code

The working copy of the EasyBudget source code can be found here.

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